Research and projects

Research topic summaries

  • Electron tomography for nanocrystals using incoherent electrons

  • Spectroscopic electron tomography (4D ET) using EELS/EFTEM

  • Electron induced x-ray emission tomography

  • and more

  • Nanopatterning of glasses

  • Nanocomposite glasses

  • Atomic scale spectroscopy

  • Loading of CeO2 into simulated nuclear glasses.

  • Ceria nanoparticles and surfaces at atomic resolution

  • Ceria nanorods and nanoaggregates

  • Stability of ceria nanostructures

  • EPSRC project on ceria nanostructures

  • EPSRC project on masked ion Implantation of Co into silica

  • Irradiation stability of nanoparticles

  • Irradiation patterning

  • Irradiation induced salt-to-metal transformation of nanomaterials

  • Novel HA-based gel and paste materials for biomedical applications

  • DTI and FP7 projects on nano-HA.

  • Plasmon imaging

  • In-situ TEM alloy-reactions